Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Tao of D&D

The combination of freelance deadlines and full-time work on Dragon and Dungeon online have been one-two punching my lights out for eight weeks now, and probably will continue treating me badly until the end of the year. That's keeping me away from the Howling Tower, unfortunately.

If I don't have time to offer up pithy thoughts of my own, I can still steer you to someone else's. The Tao of D&D is one of my favorite old-school D&D blogs. It's consistently thought-provoking, and the last few days, in which Alexis wrote about The Golden Rule, Crossovers, and New Monsters, have been outstanding. If you're looking for some shrewd D&D wisdom to ponder, click over to The Tao of D&D and feast your brain.


  1. I knew there was a reason that I dropped the Tao of D&D from my reading list, but until you linked me back I had forgotten what it was. :D

  2. Not your cup of tea? I don't always agree, but I usually find it at least stirs my own thinking process.

  3. Too disagreeable for my tastes. To quote old Toshido Kenko:

    And yet, with those who are not of the same way of thinking or are contentious, a man can only discuss things of passing interest, for the truth is that there must not be any wide gulf between bosom friends.

    Since time is limited, I have found that it is necessary to recognise which investments of it will provide the best returns. There are so many interesting blogs and discussion forums out there, you could spend a lifetime reading what already exists. :D

  4. Sir Steve,
    It sounds like you are terribly busy, but could I send five interview questions through email (or somewhere) that I would post up on my Random Wizard blog. You could answer them whenever you like (if you find time).

    1. You can reach me as sjcwinter-at-gmail-dot-com.