Friday, March 9, 2012

Space Family Robinson

Ran across this while prowling the web today -- the lifepod. Now I want one. This one. Never mind that there's no apparent way in or out. As my nuclear engineering prof used to say, "that's a technical problem, and eventually it will have a technical solution." Regardless of whether you fear a zombie apocalypse, mutated slugs the size of Gabriel Iglesias (I'm assuming they can't climb cables), or just damp rot creeping up from the forest litter, this could be your sanctuary. Or maybe you'd just really like to have a beautiful view of the rainforest while surfing the web and streaming Netflix via satellite. Maybe I'll get three and string zip lines between them for transit.

* At, "a beacon in the smog." It's well worth the visit. I'd never heard of it until today, which says more about my preoccupations than about it.


  1. While this not as elegant a solution, I find it equally charming for some of the same reasons.

  2. That's more a "Trailer-park Family Robinson" setup, but it's still pretty cool. I'd spend a vacation there, anyway.