Friday, October 19, 2012

Follow Friday

I'm proud to be a member of a writer's group called the Alliterates. This group was started way back in the '90s, with members drawn entirely from the ranks of TSR. It's expanded a lot since then. We now have 32 members, including people who never worked for TSR or Wizards of the Coast. Our complete membership roll is below.

This being Follow Friday, you can tune in to everything the Alliterates do -- which is quite a lot, between games, novels, kickstarter projects, ebooks, poetry, art, and whatnot -- by subscribing to the Alliterates list on Twitter, by liking our new Facebook page, or by checking the Alliterates website.
* You should also follow Steve Sullivan. He's one of the more prolific Alliterates, but because it's his list, he can't put himself on it.

Alliterates Roll Call
  • Wolf Baur
  • Jason Blair
  • Bill Bodden
  • Stan! Brown
  • Tim Brown
  • Jamie Chambers
  • Monte Cook
  • Bruce Cordell
  • Troy Denning
  • Matt Forbeck
  • Dave Gross
  • Jeff Grubb
  • Scott Hungerford
  • Rob King
  • John Kovalic
  • Jennell Jaquays
  • Jess Lebow
  • Will McDermott
  • Jason Mical
  • Doug Niles
  • Don Perrin
  • John Rateliff
  • Thomas Reid
  • Mike Ryan
  • Steven Schend
  • Lorelei Shannon
  • Lester Smith
  • Stephen D. Sullivan
  • Monica Valentinelli
  • Eddy Webb
  • Johnny Wilson
  • Steve Winter

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