Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More from Crypts & Things

To wrap up my look at Crypts & Things, I want to post two quotes from the book. These two quotes probably do a better job, in a few words, of summarizing the ambience of C&T than all my meanderings from the previous post.

The first pull is from the section on magic items:
Magic items in Crypts and Things are rare and special items. They are artefacts of ancient wars and demonic summonings, and as a result their purpose is always malign. At most only one is found in a particular Crypt or adventure and they are the stuff of legend and renown. A figurative double-edged sword, magic treasures always endow at least one curse for each blessing they bestow. Often their long-term use is hazardous to the mental and physical well being of the character that possesses them.
Only 20 magic items are described in the book, and all of them bear out that dire prophecy.

The second quote is from Appendix A, "The Features of Crypt* & Things."
The gods have deserted mankind in the dim past and the only magicians left are of the self-serving, amoral or simply just plain bad variety. There is an absence of powerful Wizard Guilds/Schools who police magicians in the field and instil upon their students a code of good ethical behaviour toward their fellow man. Instead you are left with the choice of serving an apprenticeship with evil and manipulative Sorcerers or joining a cult to grab crumbs of magical power thrown down from the table by the Sorcerer/Ranking Priest. Students who rise in power under this system are likely to end up disposed of in some gruesome but useful manner so they never challenge their master’s power.
Exactly right.

* I'd just like to point out that that's D101's typo, not mine. I know the name of the game is Crypts & Things.


  1. I would seem I started following your blog at a fortuitous time. I had been looking for a good "Howardian" RPG, using OSR/B/X rules (a recent obsession, still learning). This one sounds like a great fit!

  2. This comment was submitted by Jay Murphy, and I accidentally deleted it instead of allowing it through the spam filter because the "Publish" and "Reject" buttons on my phone screen are about a hair's width in size. Sorry, Jay.

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/9752/Jay-Murphy?term=jay+mu&affiliate_id=414579urphy for another look at a good Howardian RPG.