Monday, June 4, 2012

North Texas RPG Con or Bust!

In just 48 hours, I'll be climbing aboard a plane headed for Dallas and the North Texas RPG Con. This has become one of my favorite trips of the year. The show is small--it broke the 100-people ceiling last year. A recurring core of people attend every year, so there's a comfortable, reunion air about it. Everyone comes for one reason, and that's to cram in as many hours of old-school RPGs as possible. It's also a great opportunity to reconnect with friends I worked with at TSR, like Zeb Cook, Erol Otus, Jim Ward, Frank Mentzer, Jennell Jaquays, Diesel, and other fine folk.

I have four games to run over the weekend: D&D B/X, Star Frontiers, Gamma World, and The Fantasy Trip. They're getting polishing touches today and tomorrow.

NOAA predicts heavy rain and temperatures in the high 80s for Dallas, which will be a complete change from the eyeball-searing sun and triple-digit temperatures of past years.

I'll try to post photos and con reports as the weekend unfolds, either here or on Facebook. Here's the standard disclaimer that it's a busy time with loads of distractions. I make no promises, because I'm Chaotic enough to renege on all of them and Good enough to admit that up front.


  1. See you soon, Steve! Safe travels :D


  2. I noticed that you ran some Star Frontiers games at some recent(ish) cons, we'd love to publish a game overview of one of them some time at the Frontier Explorer magazine some time.

    Tom V (jedion357)
    assistant editor