Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'll Take the Low Road

From Journey to the Center of
the Earth
by Edouard Riou
In an earlier column, I looked at ways to keep a road trip interesting. That article was about a standard walk in the sun. A different type of journey with problems and possibilities all its own occurs underground.

Any fantasy world worthy of the label is practically hollowed out by a network of caverns, tunnels, and subterranean grottoes that would make terrestrial cavers wet themselves. Regardless of what it’s called—Underdark, Khyber, Svartalfheim, or just “the underworld”—a journey through that landscape must be a different sort of undertaking from walking or riding between Riverdale and Midvale. Players should never be able to forget that their characters are moving through a dark, alien landscape.

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  1. Great column. Got me thinking about the underworld in my home campaign. Before my only notion had been that there were caves in which dwelt the drow, but I think I'll now endeavor to make it as diverse and interesting as my surface world which should guarantee that my players go nowhere near it.