Monday, October 22, 2012

Adventure Notebook: The Land Beyond the Shrine

This week, Adventure Notebook takes you to the secret land beyond the forgotten shrine. This is a great little gateway to further adventure deeper down inside the Earth (or wherever your adventures take place). I'm a sucker for lost world romances, and this is the back door to the lost world.

This might be the last Adventure Notebook for a few weeks. Interest seems to be waning, if the number of page views and downloads is a reliable indicator, and my time will be at a premium until early November. We'll see how things go this coming week.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy The Land Beyond the Shrine. I'd love to hear where it leads your heroes.


  1. These would be great for those odd times when my Saturday group doesn't have a game available, like this week when our usual DM had an emergency come up. I could whip up a few Basic characters on 3x5 cards, toss 'em out on the table, and say, "Hey guys, let's explore..." whatever one of these I fancied at the moment.

  2. I just found these adventure notebooks a few weeks ago. My interest is just ramping up. I hope you do more!

  3. As a DM who is regularly juggling up to five different games, these are a life saver.

  4. Arrgh! I know - nothing like announcing the end (?) to something to bring everyone out of the woodwork. Anyways, I'm thinking about doing something very short for to 10-year old girls (Pathfinder: one's a druid, the other's a summoner), and these would fit the bill perfectly.

    Here's hoping for the return of the Adventure Notebook (I get it via Google Reader, does that mean it doesn't register as a page view?)