Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Howling with the Kobold

Wolf Baur and the crew at Kobold Quarterly graciously invited me to post some thoughts on their site as well as here. The first installment is up today, on Heroism and Lethality in RPGs. I'd like to thank them for the soapbox!

Here's a simple question: what's the life expectancy of a D&D hero?

Recent editions of the game run the XP table up to level 30. Does that mean characters are entitled to a 30-level career? The speedometer in my car goes up to 150 mph, but I know for a fact that the needle will never see the top of that scale. (more)


  1. You might want to link directly to the article rather than to the Kobold Quarterly front page, as something else will probably replace your article in not too long. The direct URL is kind of ugly, but I think this is what you want: