Wednesday, July 18, 2012

36 Trap Triggers

As a followup to Tuesday's brief primer on traps, here are 36 trap triggers for your dungeons. Tomorrow I'll offer up 36 trap effects. Combine the two and get 1 x 10^56 possible traps! Let me know when you run out, and I'll make more.
  1. Active A
    1. Fail to deactivate trap
    2. Fail to pick lock
    3. Succeed at picking lock
    4. Open door or chest
    5. Open door or chest wrong way
    6. Close door or chest
  2. Active B
    1. Pick up object
    2. Move lever/press button
    3. Pull rope or chain
    4. Shift tapestry
    5. Search body
    6. Tap wall or floor 
  3. Passive/unintentional
    1. Step on pressure plate
    2. Drink poisoned or infested liquid
    3. Make sound
    4. Open book
    5. Lose balance
    6. Carry flame too close
  4. Magical A
    1. Step into light or shadow/hide in shadow
    2. Look in mirror
    3. Speak trigger word
    4. Fail to speak safe word
    5. Cast spell
    6. Detect magic
  5. Magical B
    1. Read writing
    2. Activate glyph
    3. Draw weapon
    4. Don armor, belt, gloves, robe, or other garment
    5. Use magic item with command word
    6. Disturb liquid
  6. Strange 
    1. Step through doorway frontways
    2. Carry trigger object through doorway
    3. Insult idol or blaspheme in its presence
    4. Spill blood on floor or sacred object
    5. Blow whistle or horn
    6. Use wrong key


  1. Steve---

    I like several of these as possible triggers I haven't considered before---in particular if the PCs insult something or blaspheme in its presence, which is rife for use in the many strange temples I've scattered in my Castle Greyhawk levels :D


  2. 3 years later and people are STILL stealing your trap post for their own nefarious DM'ing uses...frightening.