Monday, April 16, 2012

2011 NTRPGCon Adventures Ready for Printing

Over the weekend, I finalized the PDFs of the adventures that I ran at last year's North Texas RPG Con in Dallas and fired them to Doug Rhea, the wellspring from which this convention flows. Doug will get them printed in limited quantities for sale at the convention. I intend to find another PDF/POD outlet for them afterward, for anyone who's interested in picking up a copy.

One of the most challenging but also most rewarding aspects of putting together these PDFs is assembling covers for them. I know plenty of illustrators and graphic designers and I ought to just turn to them for help, but I'm a hideous control freak. Plus, I enjoy putting together the covers, even if I'm not particularly good at it. My control-freakism is abated by the fact that I'm also a minimalist; I prefer simple designs on white backgrounds. So the covers are simple and mine, and I like them.


  1. These look like they will sell themselves, Steve, great work! Looking forward to seeing you again at NTRPG con this year.

  2. This looks great. Such amazing adventure stories are so cool when printed and shared. I would love to have a copy of those. eco print

  3. That's a very cool idea. Printing those adventure stories will certainly bring them back to life. It's good to reminisce the past through those images. In our area, I always trust Bristol Printing when it comes to printing banners, images and large files. They always make the images clearer and vivid.

  4. Hello!

    Were Hive of the Wasp-Men or Rendezvous with Ruinator ever released as PDFs, or are there still physical copies available for purchase?

    Thank you,


    1. You'd have to contact Doug Rhea or Mike Badolato from NTRPGCon to find out whether any printed copies are still available. They were never made available as a PDF. I've run three more GW adventures in Dallas since these two, which I need to write up. Then I'll drop them all on DriveThru as PDFs. But in the meantime, watch this space. I just decided (thanks to your question) to make Ruinator available here, after I make a few alterations to comply with copyright law.