Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dragons--A Soar Spot

At Kobold Quarterly today, some howling about "Dragons: A Soar Spot."

Dragons are the most iconic creatures in fantasy RPGs, for obvious reasons. They ought to be among the most impressive and frightening, too, but that isn’t always the case. It’s not because dragons don’t have the chops; on a stat-by-stat basis, your average dragon is terrifying. Yet player characters bring them down with shocking regularity.

How can that be? I blame two popular fancies, both of which are variations of namby-pambyism. (more ...)


  1. It's about time someone said it. Great column, Steve.

  2. So, Steve, were you part of that Companion playtest where we jumped by an invisible Green Dragon on the wing that took out the entire party in one pass?


  3. No, I must have missed that one ... but if I had been there, I'd have taken my medicine like a man!